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Includes Workbook, Planner, Notebook, Hat, and Thinking Horizontally Book.

The Plateau to Profit Workbook

8.5″ x 11″
Black Double Wire left binding

The Plateau to Profit Workbook encompasses all areas of business with a step-by-step guide to ensuring proper and sustainable growth. This workbook goes along with James’s Plateau to Profit Workshop giving you the necessary keys to change your life and your business.

Courses in this Workbook Include:
* Goal Building
* Mission, Vision, and Core Values
* Team Members
* Branding
* Fundamentals of Marketing
* Website and SEO
* Social Media
* Email Marketing
* Pricing
* Lead Generation
* Fact-Finding
* Estimating and Proposals
* The Follow Up
* Maximizing your Productivity
* Optimizing Operations
* Production Efficiency
* Analyzing the Data

The path to greatness begins by making the decision to learn and grow. Utilize this workbook to enhance your business, your mindset, and your dreams!


8.5″ x 11″ 90-day planner with 104 fillable pages.

This Daily Planner is a tool used to reach your goals by documenting all your processes and tasks each day.

Utilize this Planner to:
1. Understand and build on your SWOT analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
2. Document your Quarterly, Weekly, and Daily Goals. By continuing to write down these goals each day you will bring your big vision out from the subconscious.
3. Detail your priorities and objectives allowing you to complete the most important tasks.
4. Note your accomplishments and your wins of the day to motivate and fuel your drive.

Realizing the power of maximizing your days and consistently documenting your giant goals will not only propel you to success but will also change the lives of all those around you and those you have yet to meet.

You have the power to conquer anything you put your mind to. Let’s change some lives and leave a legacy of greatness!


Utilize this Notebook as an avenue to document your thoughts and data that enter your mind each day.
Each note carries a purpose that will lead to something greater. Detail your meetings, map out your goals, or list important tasks.

Maximize every day, document the progress, and create a better tomorrow.


Snapback Trucker Hat

Thinking Horizontally Book

Thinking Horizontally speaks to entrepreneurs starting new businesses and business owners who want to take their company to new heights. If you want to create new revenue streams and a better future, this book will help you
simplify your company processes in a new way.

Learning how to expand your business through Horizontal Growth illustrates how to focus your mindset to achieve success through a specific Ideology.
By understanding and utilizing your strong points, assets, and team, you can build corollary income sources that tie into your business to achieve greater success.

You will learn:
* Traits of Obsessed and Focused Entrepreneurs
* The Science of Diversification
* Importance of Now: Speed of Change
* Principles of the Expansion Mindset
* Looking for Corollaries in your Business
* Building on the Customer
* Simplifying
* Hiring Talent
* Mastering Analytical Thinking
*How to Build the Expansion Mindset
*New and Aspiring Owners
* Experienced Entrepreneurs and Breaking Stagnation

“Don’t just look to grow your business. Seek out opportunities to expand your business through complementing avenues.”


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