Inner Champion Workbook

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Inner Champion Workbook


8.5″ x 11″
Black Double Wire left binding

The Inner Champion Workbook encompasses all areas of business with a step-by-step guide to ensuring proper and sustainable growth. This workbook goes along with James’s Plateau to Profit Workshop giving you the necessary keys to change your life and your business.

Courses in this Workbook Include:

* Goal Building

* Mission, Vision, and Core Values

* Team Members

* Branding

* Fundamentals of Marketing

* Website and SEO

* Social Media

* Email Marketing

* Pricing

* Lead Generation

* Fact-Finding

* Estimating and Proposals

* The Follow Up

* Maximizing your Productivity

* Optimizing Operations

* Production Efficiency

* Analyzing the Data

*Sales Process 1-4

*SWOT Analysis

*Team Member Interviews

*Onboarding Team Members

*Prioritizing for Success


The path to greatness begins by making the decision to learn and grow. Utilize this workbook to enhance your business, your mindset, and your dreams!


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